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Els Canyars

The neighborhood of Els Canyars is located in the east of Castelldefels. It borders with the district of Vista Alegre and the neighboring city of Gava.

It also borders with the stream which gives its name to the area, the stream called Canyars, from which arise many paths leading to the wooded area of La Sentiu frequented by people doing sports, or just walking.

Els Canyars is a recently developed neighborhood, whose population is mostly young families. In this area of the city we find predominantly modern buildings with flats and apartments, with many of these homes being equipped with communal area and pool.

This a comfortable residential neighborhood that has all kinds of amenities such as school, shops, bars and restaurants, banks and many other kinds of basic services. It also houses the municipal football field, and is pretty close to the city center, the train station and the shopping mall L'Anec Blau.

Neighborhood els Canyars Castelldefels  Neighborhood map of els Canyars Castelldefels 

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