The Sedentaris-Immomax running team has had a successful year 2018

sedentarisThe Sedentaris running team sponsored by Immomax has participated in 2018 in about 100 races nationwide. Among the most outstanding are the Barcelona marathon, the Valencia marathon, the Empuries marathon and the Valencia half marathon world championship.

At the level of leagues they have participated in the Championchip, being tenth by teams of more than 100 participating. At an individual level three runners have been among the top 50 of more than 10,000 participants.

The Sedentaris team has also participated in the league of half marathons of the Catalan Athletics Federation, where the runner Alejandro Giral has been second overall, and first in the ranking of the League Championchip.

Other leagues where they have participated are the BCN 10K league and the 10K league of the Catalan Athletics Federation.

It should be noted that at the individual level they have achieved more than 30 podiums wearing the Immomax shirt, ending a year of many sports successes.